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Recovery Reboot with Adam Yurack

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Happy autumn! After a summer hiatus, Recovery Reboot is back and honored to share this Interview with Adam Yurack. This interview and blog was facilitated by Maureen Howley Brigham.

Adam and his wife Lindsay are the founders of Get Found Recovery the Podcast. Their podcast shares stories of hope when it comes to addiction and recovery all while adding in humor to help with the heavy moments. Get Found Recovery offer motivational speaking, family and recovery coaching (check out their website).

Dylan and Adam share a passion and dedication to their recovery and helping others. Dylan has been a guest on Adam’s podcast and they also partnered on family addiction/recovery round tables ( listen here on Spotify).

Adam’s story:

The first time Adam took a drink he was a senior in high school. In that moment he realized that the anxiety he’d been living with just went away. No more panic attacks, throwing up from nerves, punching walls out of frustration. It was a way to numb the feelings and pretend they didn’t exist.

Adam’s recovery date is June 28, 2013.

This is the day where Adam surrendered and listened when his wife said he needed to go to the hospital. His eye’s yellow like neon lights, unable to stand for a long time as his legs and ankles were swollen as his body was shutting down from his excessive drinking.

Entering the emergency room terrified, he knew that the “cat was out of the bag” and he’d finally have to admit he had a problem. With doctors in and out of the room, scans being run, Adam got a peak at his urine bag hanging off the side of his bed. It was as dark as a black cup of coffee. Frightened, he apologized profusely to his wife thinking he was going to die. Those are some of the last moments he remembers.

For the next 2 weeks, Adam laid in the ICU unaware how dire his situation was. His wife unsure if he would survive. Each day seemed to bring new challenges and struggles.“The detox was horrible”, Adam said.“I was hallucinating and combative while my body got rid of the alcohol in my system. “After 4 additional weeks in the hospital, Adams’ condition started to improve allowing him to go to a physical rehabilitation center to learn how to walk, eat, drink all over again. From there, he agreed to get at a treatment center, a plane ride away for the next 7 weeks.

Even with the alcohol out of his body, now was the time Adam had to face his addiction head on. “I didn’t want to go to rehab, but felt it was my only choice.” Adam credits his wife for saving his life and getting him the help, he needed.

Adam shared that his treatment center didn’t use the traditional AA twelve step model. Instead, they used Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) which is a type of behavioral therapy aimed at decreasing the likelihood of someone returning to abuse a substance or alcohol.With the support of his family, treatment counselors and his own will, Adam was ready to put in the work.

To maintain his recovery Adam continues to take accountability for his actions. To stay sober, he feels he is the one in control of his actions, not the disease. In addition, Adam attends therapy and credits his large village of family and friends who support him.

I’ll end with Adam’s final sentiments. “You never stay the same; you either get better or you get worse. That choice is entirely up to you when it comes to recovery”

Writing about Adam’s story of recovery was emotionally hard but therapeutic for this alcoholic as I'm reminded of what a grip your DOC (drug of choice) has on you when in the throes of addiction. It’s not until you live a sober life can the sunlight of the spirit shine through.

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