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Help us, help others.  If You wish to contribute to our efforts to perpetuate pure goodness, and are uncertain how You may be helpful, please contact Us, let’s discuss The Lefty Cycles Projects pure goodness efforts, initiatives, and your desires.

Bikes for Recovery

Our forever Project

Our incredible Project designed to help put bicycles in the hands of fellow addicts' in recovery to serve as transportation, exercise, or fun. Knowing that bicycles have the ability to change lives through first hand experience, this forever project will never expire.

Virtual Community


Virtual Events

We believe WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER and proudly offer virtual events to strengthen our Recovering community.  Bringing support and positivity during a time when we need it the most. 

"No More Bad Days"

A Positive lifestyle Project

"No more bad days, only bad moments" is a life enhancing project.  Designed to help others live a more positive lifestyle through words and actions.  Our goal is to help spread contagious positivity through small daily actions.


With incredible projects on the horizon, volunteers are in high demand.  Find out how you can help with our upcoming projects by contacting us.

How can you help?

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