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Updated: Jan 15

Through the donations from many individuals, families and businesses, The Lefty Cycles Project, Inc. (TLCP) is proud to share that 90 bicycles were distributed to new owners throughout the eastern part of CT during 2023. Since becoming a 501(c)(3) in 2020, Lefty Cycles has donated 288 bicycles to people in need of support, transport, exercise, or a hobby. As the year ends, there are big goals set for 2024. With these goals, there is a priority for more storage space, additional funding and the planning of bicycle repair nights with volunteers. 

The generosity of Global Storage in East Haddam, CT has provided exciting news for the end of the year, as there will now be room for more bicycles, and a secure space for current inventory over the winter months. As an organization that operates on a limited budget, the generosity of all supporters, funders, volunteers, cyclists, and leaders of The Lefty Cycles Project, Inc., is of infinite value. 

Throughout 2023, The Lefty Cycles Project collaborated with many influential partners such as Sound Community Services, SCADD, Reliance Health, Norwich Youth, Family, and Recreation Division, and more. The mission is rooted in Dylan Howley’s story of recovery and response to adversity by connecting bicycles and community members. The impact of Lefty Cycles is growing with the support of current and new partnerships to help expand this young nonprofit. A majority of the bikes that have been donated to the organization, were picked up, tuned-up, and then redistributed solely by Howley. This is an incredible accomplishment but another goal for 2024 is enhanced support with repairs and storage. Thanks to Global Storage and a member of our Board (hi Brian!), we have made huge progress in that department.

The development of this mission to provide bicycles to a wide range of people is still in its early stages. This is an idea that has supported many communities across the globe and TLCP is optimistic towards it's potential to grow sustainably over the next few years. As Lefty Cycles plans for future volunteer repair nights and expansion of funding, there is a long term vision of acquiring a permanent space to call home. Currently, the org serves many people throughout the state but there is no space to receive donations, repair bicycles, and host volunteer nights. The Lefty Cycles Project, Inc. could be a community space for people in need of a wide range of support. More information on this search for a home will be shared soon and the board is open to ideas.

As the total number of bicycles distributed inches closer to 300, the excitement and gratitude needs to be expressed. Please check social media for updates and thank you for the continued support. 

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These are wonderful accomplishments! Congratulations and wishing you continued success!

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