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Cruising past 300

Updated: May 29

One month ago we were celebrating lucky number 300. Last week, the 333rd bicycle was donated through The Lefty Cycles Project, Inc. There is an incredible community that has helped make this milestone a reality! It is likely that if you are reading this update, you have been following us since the start and we are extremely grateful.

The idea is to get bicycles to people who need them and the reality has transformed over the years. A wide range of people have donated bicycles for us to redistribute, including children's bikes. People have also donated funds to allow the purchase of new bicycles and safety equipment. Our mission is as strong as ever to get bicycles in the hands of those who need them for recovery, transportation, hobby or sport.

Almost three years ago, the 20th bicycle donated went to a gentleman who had lost his license. Walking to work took over an hour and he needed a quicker way. Dylan, the project's founder remembers the excitement and joy of the recipient as he tested out the bike through some snow. Our first major event collected bicycles and canned goods in Windsor and redistributed them to families. Then came a local elementary school who reached out for bicycles on behalf of students. Lefty Cycles has been back there two years in a row. The first year of collecting and donating bicycles in a variety of ways has led to important collaborations with community agencies across the state, which has provided many opportunities to expand our services and reach new recipients.

One of the best partnerships has been with a volunteer named James who helps distribute bicycles to people he has met through the skate park, at support meetings, and around the community. He recently volunteered with Lefty Cycles at a community event in Norwich helping turn wrenches and completing safety inspections on dozens of bicycles. He enjoys riding, building with his hands, and living life to the fullest. James has elevated our reach this past year and is currently working on several bikes that will allow people to have a new set of wheels just in time for summer. His support has been immeasurable and we are so grateful for his dedication and knowledge. As of now, James has helped donate over twenty bikes!!

For the second year in a row, we participated in a Norwich event for families and it allowed Lefty Cycles to distribute a large number of bicycles. Over 30 bikes went to new owners a few weekends ago but there was still a demand from the local community for more. The demand shows the importance of what this organization represents and how a bicycle can truly change the life of an entire family. Recipients are children, adolescents, adults and referrals of friends or family members of someone who will benefit from a bicycle. May also marks National Bike Month and we are preparing a few ways to expand our reach, including new grant funding opportunities and an upcoming fundraiser. Check our social media for details.

As we take a step back to reflect on OVER 300 bicycles donated, we understand the importance of how much people’s time and kindness has elevated our non-profit since its inception in 2020. As folks get back outside, our output of bicycles increases. A monetary donation or a bicycle donation goes towards our operating funds/inventory for our busiest season; You are part of the reason why we can change someone's life with a bike!

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