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Come Ride with Lefty Cycles on Saturday in Windsor, CT

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Spring is here and The Lefty Cycles Project, Inc. has been planning a few outdoor activities with local businesses that want to spark positivity in their neighborhood. We’re inviting you to support the town of Windsor, CT on Saturday, April 17th (anytime between 10am-4pm). In collaboration with First Town Real Estate, Realtor Nicole Kozak Lee, AFS Contracting, and The Windsor Food & Fuel Bank, we are hosting a safe, family-friendly event that encourages the promotion of cycling and teamwork within the community.

How can you participate?

If you’re able to stop by the event, there will be a contactless food drive.The Windsor Food & Fuel Bank welcomes (and appreciates) all non-perishable donations but there is a higher demand for condiments....ketchup, mustard, etc. (always in short supply) crackers, or any type of snack item, cooking oils, tea/coffee, and paper products.

We are very excited about the community bike ride that will be led by Dylan, the founder of The Lefty Cycles Project. A three mile ride through Windsor Town is suitable for all skill levels and will take approximately 45 minutes (sign up here). Cycling and community support the mission of Lefty Cycles and this is a fun way to get moving and see the sights of beautiful Windsor, CT!

Starting around 3pm, live music will be provided by singer/songwriter, Otan Vargas (check him out here). ("Vargas' music is a powerfully simplistic combination of soul-stirring and dynamic vocals accompanied by a dark and earthy acoustic guitar". Visit his website

There are plenty of local restaurants to visit in the surrounding area of Broad Street and we encourage visitors to support the local businesses.

Another cool part about this event is that AFS Contracting will have construction equipment on display (TOUCH-A-TRUCK). A fun way for families to walk around or drive by the event and see some cool machinery! (masks are required in all public areas)

Lefty Cycles will also be accepting bicycle donations throughout the day and will have a bike mechanic on site to offer support & expertise. Now is the time to start your spring cleaning so please drop off any unwanted bicycles in your garage or basement during the event.

Another interactive and safe group activity happening during the event is the “Chalk & Cheer Project” which promotes positive messaging through art. Who needs a canvas when you have a parking lot? Lefty Cycles has the idea to give people of all ages some sidewalk chalk and let the creativity fly! “No more bad days”! “TOGETHER we are stronger”. “SMILE, you’re resilient”... are some of the phrases we can write to build up our friends, families, and neighbors in a simple, yet meaningful way.

Already have plans for that day? No Problem...a few ideas on how you can participate remotely.

You can make a donation to the Windsor Food & Fuel Bank. In addition to these food drive events, they also accept donations during business hours at the Food Bank at 599 Matianuck Ave (

You can participate at home with the“CHALK & CHEER PROJECT” by tagging us on social media with your artwork.

You can check out The Lefty Cycles Project’s newly updated website and send us feedback! (

With each new opportunity to work with members of the CT community, share our mission, and grow as a newly founded nonprofit organization, we are INCREDIBLY grateful. Thank you for following our journey.

Throughout this year, we are thrilled to be able to plan community events that follow all COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all.

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